pH Data contradicts MyTriops site information.

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The My Triops site and the 1979 LeConte paper provide contradictory information. LeConte’s research states clearly in the abstract that a pH of 5.6 is best for T. longicaudatus. Whereas MyTriops states that pH of 7-8 is best. Who is correct and why? Currently, although outdated, LeConte has data backing up his claim. Can anyone find a more recent paper confirming that this is true? Is it possible that triops selling companies have spread this misinformation because it still allows Triops to grow, but not be able to lay eggs or breed and thus requires you to purchase more of their product? I will be looking into this and testing LeConte’s recommended pH.

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Hey, I think it might be that the highest hatch rates occur at lower pH levels, but the adults survive best at higher pH levels. I’m not too sure why this is but I’ve also heard the same thing with Triops cancriformis. A study by Maria Schonbrunner and Erich Eder  ( found that the greatest hatch rate was observed at pH levels of 6-6.9. Erich Eder is the guy who found that massive 11cm Triops cancriformis and when I emailed him about it then he said that it was found in an alkaline pool so it seems they certainly don’t struggle in alkaline conditions. There’s probably some relationship between osmotic pressure and pH that I don’t know about or I don’t have the chemistry knowledge to work out that explains this, ‘cause I know that eggs wont hatch in high osmotic pressures since those tend to be an indication that the pool that the eggs are in is getting kinda old, and they don’t wanna hatch in a pool that’s been around for a while ‘cause it’s likely that there’d be adult Triops in the pool that would just eat the nauplii. I can definitely confirm that at least Triops cancriformis will lay eggs in more alkaline conditions though cause mine are at pH 7.5 and they’re all laying. I don’t know if this was helpful but if you look into it further and find anything intersting I’d love to hear about it.

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