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Hey, do you happen to have any specific tips on growing large Triops (specially cancriformis)? I’m trying to feed a varied diet that’s high in protein, giving them lots of space and keeping the temperature between 22 and 25. Is there anything else I could try or any specific foods that you’ve fou

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Some random updates: I got a nitrite spike in my tank and it sadly resulted in 3 of my 5 Triops having shedding issues. I managed to help out 1 of them but the other 3 died. The three that I have are looking pretty healthy though and the nitrites are under control again now. They’re 24 days old a

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Hey, I think it might be that the highest hatch rates occur at lower pH levels, but the adults survive best at higher pH levels. I’m not too sure why this is but I’ve also heard the same thing with Triops cancriformis. A study by Maria Schonbrunner and Erich Eder  (

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Okay so for the past 3 years I’ve attempted to grow the largest triops I can, and I’m currently in the early sta

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